Elixir Joie-Eclat
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Valeur Absolue

Elixir Joie-Eclat

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• Floral, citrusy, woody fragrance with energising notes of mandarin, intertwined in the nobility of vetiver and white flowers.
• Citrine semi-precious stones
• Immortelle flower extract, Magnesium and Potassium
A Wellbeing Elixir Perfume, to make you smile every day

A sparkling fragrance, a scintillating blend that combines the freshness of pink grapefruit and green cardamom. The nobility of vetiver and musks give this perfume a remarkable wake, renewing the radiance of the perfume throughout the day. An elixir of well-being thanks to the addition of grapefruit and vetiver essential oils, magnesium and potassium minerals and a natural everlasting flower extract, which releases beta endorphins. The semi-precious citrine stone, a symbol of joy, accentuates the luminous richness of this perfume.

100% Vegan, No Colouring Agent



Valeur Absolue is an innovative brand offering feel-good products, as multifaceted as women are today.

All products are formulated in a responsible way and offer a unique proposal. They all possess something “more”and unite different and complementary universes: luxury and well-being, perfume and design, nature and science. They respect nature, are not tested on animals and integrate very strict safety standards, going beyond current legislations. They do not contain chemical UV filters, colouring agents, preservatives, heavy metals, phtalates, PCM or CMR. They offer the best balance between pleasure and well-being to create more smiles in women’s lives.

Listening to thousands of women around the world and their desire for more positive energy in their life, Bénédicte Foucart, with years of experience in the beauty industry, had the dream of transforming the morning perfuming gesture into a meaningful well-being ritual. The scented daily routine would not only diffuse gorgeous scents but also uplift moods and shift energy positively. Working with aromachologists, lithotherapists, neuroscientists and some of the best perfumers in the world, Bénédicte created a unique formula using ancestral and modern knowledge in the “feel-good” domain.


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