La Rose aime le Poivre palets
La Rose aime le Poivre palets
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Carrière Frères

La Rose aime le Poivre palets

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Between pepper and Damascus Rose, love is passionate.
‘Queen of flowers’ originally from Turkey, the Damascus Rose has been praised since Antiquity for the finesse of its scent and elegance. Historically celebrated from China to Persia, rose is a divine symbol. Equally rare and noble, pepper has been traded since Antiquity: a scarce commodity, it was used as a currency and is even mentioned in Roman figure Apicius’ book “De re culinarian libri”. Generally, pepper is known for its intense taste and stimulating medicinal properties.
In between the two families -Rosaceaeand Piperaceae–there is no love lost. Blended in a candle, the Rosa shrub and the peppercorn -that varies in colour from pink to green and black –compose a perfect match: when cold, the fieriness of the peppercorn takes over and when warm, the soft perfume of rose is elegantly spiced up.


Carrière Frères 'Botanical Palets' are a splendid way to introduce scents into your home. Typically used in linen cupboards, or in your wardrobe or drawers these soy wax pallets beautifully encapsulate a range of single botanical scents that will gently freshen up the space. Handmade in France, there are two long-lasting 'pallets' in each beautiful box.


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