Eau Rose Eau de Parfum 75ml
Eau Rose Eau de Parfum 75ml
Load image into Gallery viewer, Eau Rose Eau de Parfum 75ml
Load image into Gallery viewer, Eau Rose Eau de Parfum 75ml
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Eau Rose Eau de Parfum 75ml

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The rose, otherwise. This eau de parfum version of Eau Rose reveals a completely different face of the flower, more faceted and more exuberant. In this composition, Damascena and Centifolia roses are worked in absolute and extract to gain intensity. To this duo are added the essence of Firad rose with astonishing fruity accents of lychee, and unexpected but naturally present notes in the rose: chamomile with honeyed accents and above all, a singular green vegetable accord: artichoke. Because "a good rose always smells of artichoke", say the perfumers. A step aside dictated by the fantasy of nature for a rose with an explosive and exhilarating character.



Diptyque is a contemporary, emblematic, pioneering PARFUMERIE Maison; a discreet precursor of authentic luxury and the art of living through the senses, where fragrance and art are integral to everything.

PERFUMER & ARTIST in Paris since 1961, Diptyque is constantly innovating, offering totally surprising olfactory collections, facecare and body care, scented candles, clever decorative fragrance diffusers that combine tradition and cutting-edge technology, as well as distinctively original interior decorating collections that add extra soul and charm to any home.

In its ongoing quest for quality and excellence, Diptyque continues to uphold a free-spirited, artistic approach, hovering between tradition and avant-garde, to create products that offer daily imaginary journeys of the mind and the senses.

It’s almost 60 years of free-spirited, artistic Parfumerie, rooted in joyful creativity and enchanting, eclectic encounters.


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